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Eve MotionBlinds

Eve MotionBlinds are modern and innovative smart automated blinds. Eve MotionBlinds are the first smart automated blinds made to support Thread. Thread is a system that helps drastically simplify automation, installation and the control of motorised blinds.

Some of the distinctive advantages of Eve MotionBlinds include:

- Future-Proof Technology
Due to the support of Thread and Bluetooth setup is intuitive. Scanning the iPhone setup code allows the smartphone app to take the user through the easy setup process.

- Seamless Integration

Creating autopilot blinds is an effortless process. Through homekit accessories like lightbulbs, thermostats and motion detectors, the Eve MotionBlinds seamless integrates.

- 100% Privacy
Eve MotionBlinds safeguard user privacy. Instead of being stored in the cloud, all data for the Eve MotionBlinds is stored within the Bluetooth motor.

For more information on Eve MotionBlinds, please get in touch with our expert today.

Eve MotionBlinds FAQ

Can I still pull down on my Eve MotionBlinds?

Yes, the motor supports manual pulling so if you want to close our open your blinds the old-fashioned way you can safe in the knowledge you’re not damaging the motor.

Does the Eve MotionBlinds integrate with other smart accessories in my home?

This system works with other HomeKit-accessories to create a safe and secure home ecosystem.

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